The Booking Engine for Independent Hotels
WebNaz Hotel eBooker is a powerful booking service available by WebNaz Creations. WebNaz Hotel eBooker is an innovative online booking solution for hotels-delivering state-of-the-art functionality and an industry-standard reservation process.

With WebNaz Hotel eBooker, you get the additional benefit of intuitive and consumer-friendly design based on robust and reliable technology, already pre-configured for the needs of independent hotels. The WebNaz Hotel eBooker has been developed in Cyprus for Cypriot Hoteliers.

Easy but Powerful Compared to most other distribution solutions, WebNaz Hotel eBooker requires minimal investment. It's the easiest, fastest way to expose your hotel to the growing number of both business and leisure travellers booking online. WebNaz Hotel eBooker is easy to implement and launch-so you can spend less time on your Web site and more time taking care of your guests. The WebNaz Hotel eBooker service uses a real-time connection to link to your central on-line reservation system. With these systems working hand in hand, you're ready to benefit from increased transactions through your most direct and cost-effective booking channel. And, most importantly, you can use the same system to manage your rates and availability.

Build for Results WebNaz Hotel eBooker delivers important benefits for independent hotels including:

  • State of the art technology with affordable prices.
  • No transaction charges, no hidden costs.
  • Visual colour and font integration with your Web site.
  • With WebNaz Hotel eBooker, you build a high level of consumer trust with a reservation process that's visually seamless and secure.
  • You can customize the look and feel of the reservation area with your own Web site's images, logos and colours.
  • You don't need to worry about systems set-up and maintenance of your booking engine.
  • WebNaz Hotel eBooker provides easy-to-use online booking capabilities that turn your Web site into a powerful business tool.
  • WebNaz Hotel eBooker is fully database-hosted, so you don't have to worry about the responsibilities and overhead of development, hosting and maintenance.
  • All you have to do is manage your rates and availability.
  • You also benefit from ongoing development and enhancements.
  • You even receive free upgrades. We upgrade member hotels to new releases at no additional cost.

Your customers will love it WebNaz Hotel eBooker includes a host of sophisticated features that are convenient and easy to use:

  • Quick search feature-for reservations straight from your home page
  • Multiple room type and multiple dates booking capability
  • Real time cost calculation.
  • Different rates for different seasons
  • Custom Term of stay (Price calculated), Cancellation and Billing Policy
  • Full room and rate description prior to rate selection
  • Pop-up calendars for all date-related inputs
  • Retrieval and cancellation of online bookings
  • End-to-end security through secure socket layer (SSL) technology

Capitalize on the power of online booking from WebNaz Creations. WebNaz Hotel eBooker makes it easier and more cost-effective to offer convenient online booking services to your customers