It is a content management system (CMS) which is used to manage the content of a Web site.
A CMS consists of two elements:

  1. the content management application (CMA)
  2. the content delivery application (CDA).
  • The CMA element allows the content manager or author, who may not have any programming experience, to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web.
  • The CDA element uses and compiles the content and updates the Web site. This is fully automated by WebNaz PageMaker

All Bug/security fixes are free, also minor version upgrades are free as well, special prices for major version upgrades.

Web Pages Module
Create unlimited web pages with one click, Content and/or image embedding is the responsibility of the customer.
We can create the web pages, provided the customer provides us the page titles in hierarchical order and the necessary content and/or images, ask for our price list.
The content and/or images should be provided by the customer in electronic format.

The CMS has many buildin modules, nevertheless we can meet your needs and create custom modules for you.

Below are just a few of the modules

Navigation System Module
The system is created automatically once you create or add a module or web page; it can be either top drop down, multilevel upper menu or left/right column menu or both.

Google site map Module
Although we automatically submit your site to Google and other search engines once you create an account with us, for better indexing, Google requires a "Google Site Map" which is re-indexed by Google every 7-10 days, WebNaz PageMaker creates the XML site map for you and if you have modified your site, with a single click you can resubmit your modified sitemap to Google.

News/Articles Module
A module which gives you the ability to announce your company news/events/articles; which are archived for future reference.

The same modules are available with categories as well, e.g company News categorised by Marketing department news, new product news and so on.

Events Module
This module is specifically designed to facilitate the entry and update of events.
The administrator can create an event, enter a date, description and location of event as well as several other information, including photos and downloadable files.

Calendar Module
A module, it displays a small calendar on your site, date which have events are clickable. You can have multiple entries for the same date. Old entries are archived for the administrator but a visitor cannot see them.


A newsletter system is one of the most valuable marketing tools of any commercial website. It is the best way to keep your customers informed about your company, new and updated products or services or just send marketing material through their mail.

This module offers a subscription and verification system as described by the commissioner of personal information and abides to EU rules, such as subscription and unsubscription)

Headline animation box (content slider) Module

Company news, announcements, important events summary are rotated in a small box in your home page or navigation column. These are created automatically and are linked to their respectable pages.

Contact form Module

Multiple contact, It gives the visitor the ability to contact anybody from your company, without revealing your company emails, thus spam bots cannot harvest your company emails. Also the form uses a verification code, again to block automated form submitting bots.

Catalogue + Shopping cart Module
A module which allows the creation of categories/subcategories for your products. It can be integrated with a shopping cart (price, automatic stock adjustment, product code etc)

Photo gallery with category Module
A module which automatically generates a thumbnail image (The size can be predefined from the administration area) which is displayed to the visitor, when a visitor clicks on an image, the system uses DHTML/JavaScript and the real size image is displayed, we do not use popup windows because most browsers block them. You can create as many categories as you wish.

Video with category Module
A module which gives you the ability to upload fla videos and promote your services/products..

Banners Module

A module which gives you the ability to advertise graphical web advertising links to an advertiser's website site and generate extra revenue for your company.

Custom Module
Due to its modulated system, we can create and add custom modules upon customer's request